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The undersigned, agrees to lease one parking space at 911 Western Road,
Castleton, New York, at the monthly rental of fee $50.00 per vehicle commencing August 1, 2011, and
ending on July 31, 2012. Said rent shall be paid in two installments of equal payments in the amount of
$300.00. Said payments shall be made upon execution of this lease and the second payment made 180
days thereafter.

Tenant shall notify landlord at least 72 hours prior to entering garage unless other arrangements
are made with the Landlord. Tenant shall be allowed access to and removal of the vehicle from the
storage facility one time in any lease period. All other entries and removal of vehicles shall be at a fee of
$35.00 per event.

Tenant assumes all risks of any damage to person or property associated with the occupancy of the
premises, including but not limited to all damages arising from water, infestation or fire or from any act of
negligence of the tenant. Tenant hereby releases the landlord from liability for the same unless such
damages were caused by the negligence of the Landlord. Landlord will not be held responsible for any
personal injury or property damage caused by the Tenants negligence.

The garage rental payment must be paid by the fifth of each month. Any payment received after
the fifth of the month must include a 10 percent late fee. In the event that the tenant pays the entire
year's rent in full at the time of execution of this lease, the rent shall be reduced to the sum of $500.00
for the year.

The tenant shall not perform any automobile repair work at the premises including, but not limited
to, repair or painting to any automotive part(s) on said vehicle.

All vehicles must be covered with an appropriate car cover, covering 100 percent of the vehicle.

Upon lease termination Tenant must “broom Clean" garage parking space,.

l have read, understand and agree to all of the above conditions.
Please call with any questions 518-526-3728
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